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LOOP Report on Improving our understanding of teacher education

The induction programs and their mentoring activities are regulated, but their implementation is very unequal. Its configuration depends on the characteristics of the school contexts, on the involvement of management and management staff, on teaching and citizenship concepts.

It is imperative to study the pattern of its implementation, an innovative approach through which the real causes that have hindered the success of mentoring programs are sought, changing these specific realities.

This set of actions implies a common understanding on the vision of each partner, ensuring innovation and contributions for the participants.

The consortium is aware that only through these strategic alliances can the necessary and urgent work be carried out.


  • Providing a common vision on induction programs 
  • Characterizing the mentoring programs and their variations
  • Knowing the role and opinion of school leaders and other stakeholders 
  • Knowing and portraying the role of mentors
  • Knowing the impact and needs of organizations
  • Constituting a mentoring bank
  • Developing a strategy to support mentoring programs
  • Building bridges between the different performers


  • School leaders (directors and middle management)
  • Local authorities and other stakeholders identified within the partnership
  • Those in charge of organisations for teacher training
  • Teachers at different career stages

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