The Toolkit has been designed to be a practical and valuable helper for pedagogues. It was created with the aim of training trainers to provide teachers with creative methods especially useful for engaging students with social difficulties. The  Toolkit  includes  a  collection  of  innovative  tools  based  on  the  following  methodologies  that  have  been  successfully  tested  at  European  level:  Symbolwork, Storytelling  and  Folk  Tale  Work. Moreover, it contains a selection of best practices that can be taken as reference point to improve schools’ strategies, and case studies that have been gathered through interviews. Our hope is that students and educators will use this toolkit to create a positive climate and improve the communication inside the classroom, having a real impact on students’ mental health, emotional resilience and on the school atmosphere, and, with a broader perspective, also to decrease in social exclusion and bullying. 
File Type: pdf
Tags: Bullying, Cybersafety, Exclusion, Inclusion
Author: Active Citizens Partnership, CESIE, Hafelekar e Rogers Foundation for Person-Centred Education
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