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The mentors community, established in the LOOP community, is responsible for the European Training Benchmark, which results from the co-design of the Mentoring programme aimed at Mentors, in an initial phase, and at early career and mobile teachers, in a second phase, with the participation, in this same Mentoring Programme, of school leaders, representatives from higher education and training centres, as well as scientific and pedagogical certification bodies. In the construction of the Mentor Mentoring Programme, mentors register on Match the Mentor, the LOOP online community and learning network, express their interest and, interacting with the platform, build their profile by answering various questions. The activities are developed through digital and interactive resources, but the real added value results from intergenerational cooperation, supported by a relationship between peers, school leaders and teacher trainers (higher education and training institutions).

The Mentoring Programme for other teachers starts with the Match the Mentor invitation. The participant accesses a set of questions, the result of which is not only the suggestion of a mentoring work plan, based on different areas (social, personal and pedagogical), but also the assignment of the mentor, about which they are invited to speak. This work is carried out under the supervision of the mentoring community and school leaders. Participants will receive feedback on their competence levels and learning paths, duly contextualised and accompanied by a mentor.

Then comes the LOOP course and pilots – teacher’s training: organisation and promotion of training actions to empower educational actors through the implementation of the mentoring programmes of the European Mentoring Reference and the toolkit, allowing experimentation with the methodologies included in the intellectual products developed and thus supporting schools and teachers participating (piloting) and not participating in the project, certifying teachers who pass the training courses at European level.

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