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If you are already a Mentor and want to join our community or just want to start a fresh path as a Mentor, you should know that LOOP studies mention some things good mentors are known for:

• They should be professionals that act with integrity at all times, and are always willing to share their knowledge and expertise with their mentee;

• They are individuals that regularly set and meet professional and personal goals with the same enthusiasm that they motivate others to achieve theirs;

Mentors always offer guidance and feedback to mentees with fairness, empathy and wisdom.

If you see this in yourself, join our “Match the Mentor – Train the Trainer” program pathway, learn how to operate this platform, share resources, find and relate to mentees and be a part of a select group of teachers that will initiate the spread of advanced mentoring through technology in your school’s district/country, by training other teachers to also become mentors!

You will have access to a full web LMS, and a toolkit of resources and specialised support from all the project team to improve your mentoring career. Check our mentor training pathways and start now!

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