LOOP, which is based on values such as diversity in education, equal opportunities for school and educational success, pillars of this strategic partnership, allows the construction of new pedagogical and didactic approaches, especially being focused on inclusion and cooperative work.

The project also aims to contribute to the provision of early career opportunities for teachers in training and in new school contexts of support based on the acquisition of pedagogical practices articulated in the contexts, in a perspective of intergenerationality, reinforcing the skills of teachers, trainers and teacher mentors, through resources and community learning networks.

The effective sharing of knowledge, based on cooperation between teachers at different stages of their careers, must be properly ensured so that there is no deep and insurmountable gap between generations of teachers, risking an irreparable loss of experience, which can be seen with the average advanced age of working teachers.

The passing on of acquired knowledge is not safeguarded in the training of teachers and it must be considered through a commitment to the enhancement of knowledge, of interpersonal relationships and the recognition of what this entails for the acquisition of knowledge, emotional and social development, professional performance and career motivation.

LOOP provides real access to:

1. Mentor Training Programs
2. Mentoring for Teachers
3. their implementation in consortium countries.

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